Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. My life pattern.

Everything has started when my Dad – instead of just playing with us on the seesaw – tried to explain me and my brother (when we are just three years old) the 3rd law of motion.

Since then I wanted to know how the world is constructed and my favourite question was “how does it work” and “why” forever. Where has it took me?

By the age of 25: I was awarded (twice) by the Education Ministry of Poland, get certified as the youngest CBT therapist in Poland and wrote my first 7 books for OD consultants translated into 3 languages .

By 30: I set up my first business, then the next one, and next one.  I have consulted more than 100 of Fortune500, got my PhD and gave speeches for more than 500 people.

By 35: I work as an Professor Assistant teaching OD for MBA, set up the Postgraduate Studies in Employer Branding (four editions since then), organized 17 big conferences for HR, started to work on AI in HR, set up first happiness focused campaign for better work and build analytical employer brand engine based on 500 measures.

And here I am. 35 years and 55 kg of curiosity.