PAF17 Croatia is over! Personal gains from the conference.


People Analytics Forum 2017 in Zagreb is over! It was a great event for those who wants to go deeper into people analytics. Double-stream conference dedicated to presenting, understanding and embracing the use of data-driven analytical approach in HR function, and business as a whole. The data-driven decision-making process is recognized as the key differentiator in today’s workplace, giving companies who apply it properly a substantial edge. And I am so proud that such really insightful and learning-centered conference was organized in that part of Europe! Really cool.

My personal gains:

1. People and network

I was delighted to meeet keynotes such as: as Jonathan FerrarMax BloombergMariëlle Sonnenberg and many great practitioners from Europe. Some of their insights on #pa you can read here: People Analytics: key takeaways from the leaders of #PAF17 in Zagreb

2. Case studies

The case studies was so different and has a wide range – from sourcing, engagement through retention to skills development. All of them kept the professional level and were concentrated on generating real business results! My favorite one was focused on retention algorithm presented by Atlantic Grupa. One of them with more detailed insights you will find here: Who will stay, who will go? Case study from Atlantic Grupa

3. Knowledge:

It was two days of practical tips, special thanks to whole day of hands-on exercises with John based on his book which short review you can find here: Starting with PA? Here is the help for a good start!)

To sum up, it was a great event and I am waiting for the next year edition! Really recommend you to enroll early

Here you will find a video from the event:


Not most important but as such great event takes place in Croatia, I was delighted taking one day off after the conference and traveling around the south west catching sunrise at 6 am (see the picture above). Next time, don’t miss it. Let the next year be your year of sunset chilling!