What would Dr House say about your EVP?


Let’s be honest, almost every company would like to be at the top employers list for its candidates and employees first choice. We all know it pays off, but yet, hardly ever we do testify how long and challenging job it is.

First thing step on the way is to …crack tones of the data and break the code to your Employment Value Proposition (EVP)

Easy to say, harder to get…I know, I’ve been there – it’s a hard work and the process itself may feel like being at the edge of chaos – the deeper you go the more complex it gets. But believe me, you don’t need to hold PhD in research to win that battle. Dr House’s attitude in getting answers from different non-obvious data pickings will be enough. Stick to this rules and you’ll get your win 🔥🔥🔥

[1] Start loving to dig the data 📊

And it is many, many data. Just mentioning few like engagement surveys, exit interviews, CX surveys, official communication, non-official communications, HR policies and processes, social media mentions, others employers communication, candidates insights, employee in depth insights, marketing strategy, sourcing strategy, consumer brand positioning….oh, it’s already a lot! It can be overwhelming at first, but the more you study the clearer it gets. No shortcuts within the process, sorry.

[2] Use clarity when cracking the complexity

To crack the large datasets we need clues to follow. I’m using @ebnvai model to crush the data and looking for the chaos reduction. They helps to navigate your future EVP. When looking for the right elements try to test every EVP elements with following questions:

🔎 Is it consistent with our real offer as employer?

🔎  Is it adequate to the needs of target groups (external/internal)

🔎  Is it standing out form the category competition on the job market?

🔎 Is it in line with our business directions (marketing, sourcing, transformational to just name a basics)

[3] Use your 3 special powers 🔥

Yes, the process is not easy, making us furious sometimes and disappointed within partly results. But the more you dig into, the more you understand.

To pace the monster you will need 3 powers:

  • patience and belief there is an answer
  • curiosity in matching all the puzzles into one piece
  • intuition when seeking beyond the obvious

Be sure and accept that in most of the cases Dr House would tell you “Look deeper” 😀

[4] Always expect to win! 🏆

It means never giving up, even if you think there is no answer! And believe me, such moments happens just before the “aha moment”! So don’t give up, just give yourself 2 weeks for incubating the research results and then double check your answer. It will work, for sure.

And there is a win at the end! And it feels like a really gooood job! Just see the latest EVP communication for our B2C clients such as Sephora or CircleK for polish market. They’re communication is based on Dr House effect 😉

What’s next?  As you reach it, go with the execution plan to make your employer brand flourish! You will be unstoppable, I’m sure. Just stick to the rules above. Good luck! 👌👌

Having question on your EVP discovery process? Wanna be like dr House of EVP discovery? Let me know JAlways happy to help. I’m dr House soul as well, can’t stand problem left unsolved 😀